Dear all,

Take charge of your own health destiny! Knowledge is power!

The more you know, the longer your heart and body will last.

We have a huge interest for the launch of 26.7 million club, the organisation promoting Women´s health in UK.

Our first seminar

Tuesday November 26 the 26.7 million club held its first ever seminar. The speakers, Peter Collins and Dimitra Pasuphaty spoke about their various fields, ”How to make the female heart last”, and ”Pregnancy, a window to future health”, with great success.

Lotta Sutton welcomed everyone, and Alexandra Charles, the founder of 1,6 million club in Sweden, introduced the concept of the club to the British audience. A new seminar is planned for March 2014, keep an eye on this website for dates.

Our speakers

Our speakers: Peter Collins, professor, cardiology at Imperial College, London and Royal Brompton Hospital, and Dimithra Pasupathy, Senior Lecturer at Kings College, London.

The working group

The ladies in the working group for 26.7 million club in UK: Cecilia Kragsterman, Sahra Lantz-Dretnik, Ingemo Bonnier, Alexandra Charles, Lotta Sutton.


Buzz in the media

The launch of the 26.7 million club is starting to create a buzz in the media. First out is “The LINK”, a publication from The Swedish Chamber of Commerce in the united Kingdom. You find the article on page 14.

The LINK” November 2013 Issue 318