International Network

1,6 Million Club International Network

In November 2011, the 1,6 Million Club in Sweden initiated a proposal for a joint action, engaging the 1,6 Million Club international network, to promote women’s health concerns at a European level.

We intend to pursue the issue of preventing illness and inspire to health as a focal point and area of priority.

There is a growing understanding for a gender-sensitive approach to health policy.  However, policies for promoting the health of women have not yet been introduced in any systematic way. Therefore there is a need to work together, to share knowledge, cooperate and promote skills development in an international context.

Exporting to the UK

Health, lifestyle and gender equality are three topics that we frequently touch upon these days. With Sweden at the forefront of all three of these, the female orientated non profit organisation, the 1.6 & 2.6 Million Club launches their new venture in the UK, the 26.7 Million Club.

The 1.6 Million club was founded in 1998 by Alexandra Charles. The initial focus of the 1.6 Million Club was women from the age of 45 but since its founding the organisation has extended and now encompasses the 2.6 Million Club, which focuses on the age group of 18 to 45 years. In the home country of Sweden, the 1.6 & 2.6 Million Club have focused on raising awareness and spreading information on all topics concerning women in society to health and lifestyle issues. The two organisations have also joined strengths in the lobbying for an equal gender-based medical research in Sweden.

The 26.7 Million Club venture will focus on women’s wellbeing as a whole and aims to inspire and inform via different public forums such as seminars, social media, political hearings and campaigns. Through these forums, the 26.7 Million Club aims to function as a forum for interaction between generations and thus work for the empowering of women. The 26.7 Million Club also seeks to work actively in society by influencing government agencies, lobby politicians, media and researchers in medicine.

The work will begin on 26 November 2013 when the club will host its first ever pilot seminar in London. Follow the website

Published in the Link Magazine, November 2013

United Kingdom

26,7 million club, UK
Launched 2013 and is operated by Lotta Sutton, Cecilia Kragsterman, Sahra Lantz-Dretnik, Harriet Knighton,  Ingemo Bonnier.


1,6 Million Club Norway
Active since summer 2010 and operated by Solveig Melbye, Gerd Helene Kjos, Alexandra Charles, Inger Elisabeth Prebensen, Eli Stockfleth, Harriet Gillberg.


19,6 Million Club Germany
Active since fall 2010 and operated by Helga Wachtmeister.


33,6 Million Club Sankt Petersburg
Operated by Elena Kalinina.

Belgium/ Brussels

1,6 Million Club Network Brussels
Coordinator of the network in Brussels is Elizabeth Hammer-Kjellberg.


1,3 Million Club Finland
Initiator Siv Hellén