Seminar, November 26, 2013

Take charge of your own health destiny!

Welcome to the first 26.7 million club seminar for women

Tuesday November 26, 6.30 pm at Alströmersalen, the Swedish Embassy, 5 Upper Montagu Street, London W1H 2AG

Knowledge is power! The more you know about your female heart & body the longer it will last.

Our speakers for the evening

  • Professor Peter Collins, professor of Clinical Cardiology
    Risk factors for heart disease in women – what are they? And what should  women do about them to live longer and healthier?
  • Professor Andrew Shennan, professor of Obstetrics KCL
    New tools to deal with preterm birth and pre-eclampsia.
  • Ms Alexandra Charles, founder of the 1,6 & 2,6 million club, Sweden.
    Head, heart and lifestyle’

Cost: £15 (on the door)
Refreshments will be served
To book your place,
RSVP by 15th November

The 26.7 Million Club is a non-profit organisation that first and foremost aims to raise awareness, inspiration and knowledge concerning women’s health and lifestyle. ”Our vision is to ensure that women  have the greatest possible quality of life and easy access to informed, state of-the art, healthcare.”

Welcome! Bring a friend, a relative or a colleague, everyone can benefit from the information